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Planet candy


In the late eighties I was worried about the trend, with CD’s as the industrys choice for music format, trying to skip the vinyls, so when I got a chance to take over a nice small shop in Copenhagen, I started the Candy project.
As an extra feature, I only wanted to sell original pressings of records, so I started an import business to get the best quality and never parcitipaded in the danish distribution, as they sold cheap massproduced vinyl and that was also as bad as the CD’s.

In the nineteens vinyl was scarce, but I imported all I could get in very early pressings, many in first print, to satisfy people going for the ultimate sound quality.

Today I sell the rest of my stocking, together with commission sales for old customers and local people with nice pressings and a bit of “ordinary” stuff!!

PS: I do sell a small collection of new records, local as well as good pressings from Nordsø Records and artists who show interest in my concept!

Jan Mellin, Candy Records @Claus Sall

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